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On Dishwashing....

The dishwasher has just disappeared in the clubhouse kitchen. The Secretary thinks that this is because the characters have been doing so much baking in preparation for the party tomorrow. Clearly there will be such a lot of dirty dishes afterwards that one machine could never cope. So it's back to the rota of slaves, I suppose, scrubbing the saucepans and plates day and night.

I do hope, when the place returns to normal, we get the dishwasher back. While I'm quite used to doing my own pots and pans at home, the Secretary will be quite upset if she has to get her hands wet.

Well to be perfectly honest, its a marvellous labour-saving device. I only wish I could take it back with me to the book.

Volunteers Needed Please!

As you all know, we are expecting a large influx of visitors to the maryrenaultfics clubhouse grounds on the 14th and 15th June for the 10YO celebrations. While we can rely on the slaves to help with the heavy work and clean-up, you will all be needed to help with the festivities, and, of course, to meet the members. Some, I am sure, you will remember from the 5 year birthday party five years ago; but there are new members who may be visiting for the first time, who will be eager to meet you.

Time is short; it is only a few weeks to the party. So to help, I have started a sign-up list, breaking the day into 2 hour timeslots, so no one is overburdened. By my reckoning we need:

Early Morning - 9 am to 11 am

2 people on the front gate
2 people at the clubhouse front door (to direct visitors to the ballroom and ensure they do not go to the kitchen (unless they come with food, and then only to drop off)
2 people of the back door (to make sure no one slips in and gets upstairs to see the private wing - especially King Alexander's suite of rooms which are likely to be a draw)
3 people on grounds (first time visitors are bound to get lost)

Mid-Day - 11 am to 1 pm

Ditto above with the addition of 3 people on the food table

Early Afternoon - 1 pm to 3 pm

Ditto above with the addition of 3 people on the food table

Late Afternoon - 3 pm to 5 pm

Toward the end of the day we can probably do without the 3 people on the grounds, but whoever volunteers for the front gate will need to ensure they lock up once the last of the guests leave.

Please comment here to sign up. (Bunny this means you too!)

Food to walk by

When he was a lad, and used to go for long walks with Gyp, there was nothing Laurie liked better than to get up early in the morning and cut himself a piece of Melton Mowbray pie to take to eat along the way. Sometimes I suspect he might even have cut two pieces: one for himself and one for Gyp!

Melton Mowbray Pie - Cut

And if he was going off for the whole I day I could always tell as he'd take the whole pie.

Melton Mowbray Pie - Whole

This pie is from the local butcher (who makes his own - no commercially made pies for us, even though I have been told Walls have tried to keep up the standards during the war). But I have been known to make it myself from time to time.


Wartime Make-Do-and-Mend

The WI is heading another salvage drive this month.

Salvage Poster

I appreciate all that must feel very far away to all of you here at the clubhouse. But even so I thought we really should try to do our bit for the war.

Broken knives and swords can be melted down and reused to make munitions. And I've noticed you hoplites have got out of the habit of mending your tunics and cloaks when they get torn in practice, and just take another from stores. Please don't throw out your old clothes. I've put a salvage bin just outside the back door and if you pop your old clothes in there, I'll see they are put to good use.

Naughty Gyp

Gyp never was the best behaved dog. Laurie was away half the time and Mrs Odell often struggled to manage him. But she was strict about Gyp staying downstairs and not sitting on the chairs in the front parlour. And, as he got older, he lost some of his bounciness, and settled down.

Since he's come to live at the clubhouse, however; well it's been a different story as you can see:

Gyp on Chair  01

First of all, he's young again! Well, I can understand that. What character would want to stay old and grey if they could relive their youth? It turns out the Secretary is a bit of a dog lover, so she indulges him. Of course he doesn't shed; he's not that sort of dog. But even so....


Welcome to My Personal Journal


My name is Mrs Timmings. I have lived and worked in the village many years. I keep house for Mrs Straike (Mrs Odell that was).

I am a founding member of about_cookery and my traditional English recipes can be found there.